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If GPS support is enabled and a modem capable of providing GPS coordinates is connected, this page will show a graphical view of your router's location.If your modem is not providing a GPS fix, you may see one of two messages: Please note: even though you can add multiple GPS Clients you can only send GPS sentences to one server at a time.The IBR11x0 is the exception as it can send GPS sentences to multiple remote servers. No substitutions or exchanges of services in a Series. Sales tax may apply at the time of redemption according to your local ordinance.Unused services purchased as a Series are refundable within 15 days of the purchase date.If you are refunded for unused services purchased as a Series, the complimentary service offered as part of your Series purchase will no longer be valid and cannot be redeemed.The used portion of your series will be charged at the full price.

Please note that not all supported cellular modems support GPS.Please check the release notes for your router's current firmware version to determine if GPS functionality is supported by your Cradlepoint router for your particular cellular modem.Firmware release notes can be found online on your router model's Firmware Downloads & Release Notes page.Click here to choose from a list of routers and their details.Assumptions The most common assumption is that all modems are capable of GPS.

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In order for a cellular modem to support GPS, GPS must be a function of both the modem and carrier.

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