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Putnam fears that television pushed Americans out of the bowling allies and into their private homes, resulting in much greater social isolation and a breakdown of community life.

So, how do we understand the new social structures which are emerging around online gaming — the guilds in , for example.

Here, people form strong shared identifications, gather together regularly to play and socialized, develop leadership which can deploy the diverse skills of the guild membership to confront complex challenges and pursue long term and short term goals.

A striking feature of these new social structures is that they are defined less through shared geography than through shared interests.They may be better suited to support national or even global models of citizenship than those based on purely local levels of engagement.Yet, we need to be careful about making too many hasty assumptions about this.Jean Burgess tells the story of photographers in Queensland who connected through the photosharing site, Flickr.They began meeting up on weekends to visit local sites and photograph them together.

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