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Is attraction to do with pheromones, the chemicals secreted by animals – including us – that attract members of the opposite sex?

Or is it about the layout of the face – does your beloved’s face fit the ‘golden ratio’?

The golden ratio is a mathematical equation that has been used for centuries by architects, painters and other artistic types to determine the most aesthetically pleasing proportions for their work, and is now being employed by scientists to explain why some people are considered more beautiful than others. Like the rest of us, scientists and psychologists are still trying to work love out.

Continue reading X FACTOR SEZONUL 5 EPISODUL 15 ONLINE 11 DECEMBRIE 2015 Incepand cu data de 11 Decembrie 2015, puteti urmari duelurile muzicale ale concurentilor din cadrul emisiunii muzicale X Factor Romania.

Vizionati aici pe site, X Factor sezonul 5 episodul 15 …

Continue reading X FACTOR SEZONUL 5 EPISODUL 14 ONLINE 9 DECEMBRIE 2015 Urmariti in data de 9 Decembrie 2015, editia X Factor in care Horia Brenciu isi testeaza concurentii din Bootcamp.

Vizionati online integral, X Factor sezonul 5 episodul 14 difuzat la …

Continue reading X FACTOR SEZONUL 5 EPISODUL 13 ONLINE 4 DECEMBRIE 2015 Vizionati incepand cu data de 4 Decembrie 2015, a doua editie de bootcamp X Factor Romania, de data aceasta grupa Deliei, grupa celor peste 21 de ani. Continue reading X FACTOR SEZONUL 5 EPISODUL 12 ONLINE 27 NOIEMBRIE 2015 Saptamana trecuta a fost ultima editie de auditii din cadrul emisiunii muzicale difuzata la Antena 1, X Factor Romania.

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