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MARTENS made ​​lighting design and supplied lighting for 3 offices , restaurant Panorama , atrium and all exterior lighting on the property.

Further , we have provided sound systems to the atrium , 2 meeting rooms at the Chambers Company Hovmøller & Thorup , and a 7 -zone multirumslydanlæg to City Ejendom own office in the building.

For the project we have designed and developed three lighting fixture series all of which were produced in Denmark, these have combined with fixtures from Italian in LED and Mizar , Spanish ARKOS and PSM from Belgium.

To control the light using a EUTRAC system that combines DALI and DMX in one control.

The sound comes from the built ATON STORM speakers supplied by the amplifiers from Yamaha , the music chosen in a Logitec Squeeze box or Sonos MARTENS has this project been in charge of the installation and programming of lighting and sound system.

AALBORG : HARBOUR HOUSE buzzed other day of playful woman votes at an exclusive fashion show of the new season's fashion was presented .

The fashion show was first launched by Fusion had dished up, but so was the door to the big autumn wardrobe opened wide and professional models from High Line Fashion stood ready to present it on the catwalk.

Before you say this is a totally Photoshopped image I want to let you know how I did this in the camera. Turn the white balance up with my Kelvin Temp settings to around 9090 2.

Benny Andersen The recording here is one of the most interesting I've made because I had to figure out how to come up in a private apartment on 5where I stood on a balcony and photographed.

I was lucky enough to meet the resident of the apartment, while I was waiting outside the locked door, and there was no problem in getting permission to do so. Attractively located catering and office space HARBOUR HOUSE AALBORG DENMARK.

The apartment was occupied by two friendly young students, and while I waited for Moon entryway, we sat cozy and so images on a PC. In continuation of the Virgin Ane has KPC built a unique and attractivelocated building on the waterfront in Aalborg. 1,000 m² restaurant, which Restaurantand Café Panorama offers classic Mediterranean menus, and approx.1,000 m² office where Law Firm Hovmøller & Thorup has tohouses.

Later, the two students as copies of the recording. HARBOUR HOUSE is characterized by its unique architecture and speciallighting effects that Martens Light & Design has developed and designed.

HARBOUR HOUSE - Architect designed domicile at Aalborg Waterfront Harbour house, beautifully situated on Aalborg 's waterfront , was officially opened by City Properties Hans Andersen and Mayor Henning G. This beautiful inauguration was shot in the Aalborg Kanon Guild.

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