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Thankfully you can sit back and watch it in its entirety at the exhibit.

To gain access to the main portion of the exhibit you have to enter through a hallway lined with full World of Stainboy episodes that is reminiscent of the hallway of death from Beetle Juice, then you will find yourself in a dimly lit room filled with blacklight that has some really cool paintings that truly pop out with the blacklights and a carousel that is out of this world on display.

Then, it's as if you've truly crossed over to the other side, since you enter a wing of the museum that has been completely 'Burtonfied.' Everywhere you look; you turn and see the thoughts of a genius madman that are nothing less than awe inspiring to look at.

The majority of the works on display are from Burton's private collection that even he hadn't seen in years.

There are pieces dating back to his teenage years growing up in Burbank, CA under the theme of 'Surviving Burbank' and 'Beautifying Burbank' to nearly everything in between then and present day when Burton himself made several pieces of art on location for this exhibition.

Certainly the evolution of Burton's look is on display.

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Numerous paintings and drawings of scenes hang that eventually became iconic scenes and characters in Burton films.

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