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The idea behind this is simple: we went and bought a whole host of films that we hadn't heard of before, none of which cost us more than a few pounds. to name but a few – and IMDB lists him as producer on ninety-one films (some more expendable than others).Then, we sent them to a bunch of our writers, without telling them what 'film' they were going to receive. Of his directorial credits, three out of the eight have the word 'Shark' in the title.Most recently this has been deployed to alluring effect with 2008's .It's less a traditional horror film, and more a commentary on the artifice of film-making.

During the first (of many incredibly similar) shark attacks the nub of the film is confirmed when one character shouts 'Jesus sharks'. Try doing something real, the film says, for one day the Lord will look down on you and favour you accordingly.When that day comes, I can only hope that we all find ourselves in the “Shark Zone”. However rich, it is subject to erosion, and its fertility is constantly threatened by uses that exhaust its vitality.Great White Sharks pre-empt the Big Society by ganging together and roaring as they nom away heartily on humans too stupid to live.Reasons for sharks ingesting characters include: • A couple haven't had sex in a kelp bed before.

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• The sharks are waiting in the water outside a party.

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