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La continuité comme pis-aller, moindre effort, choix par défaut, ou comme minimisation du risque, temps de réflexion, sagesse du choix. La rupture comme fuite, aveu d'échec, irresponsabilité, ou comme innovation, dynamisme, pari d'avenir.

As a team, we strive for excellence and have a team goal of a 3.0+ GPA each season.The coaching staff will also enforce the Peninsula High School Activities Code of Conduct.While we are aware of the important role that interscholastic athletics play in the development of students, we are also committed to the philosophy that the primary purpose of our program is to academically prepare students to become productive citizens upon graduation.The coaching staff will work with each student athlete to ensure they receive the necessary educational assistance.Setting specific and realistic expectations is important for individual and team success along with development.

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  1. Oh man, Arabic is being butchered real bad in this thread. Mufti Hit , wal-Tumhare liyoon al-Arabi lateefa Aik pakistani Saudi arab geya, wahan wo taxi mein baitha. Sure, if you like someone and need to praise them then say this; Ya habibi anta mouq maafii, annta haamaar :) Thanks CD : D la ... Al-shair al-Faraz once saidatun fi Al-Arabiyyah: Zardari-un hukmaara nun Azaabun fee insaana fasa dun FARAAAAAZ..