Weir and mai davika dating site

Note is Chompoo's brother-in-law or former boyfriend of Aum Patcharapa.

He is from a multi-billionaire family whose been in the electricity business industry for years.

Listed below are the Top 5 Thai celebrity with millionaire boyfriend. Pok's father is a huge millionaire business man in the luxury hotel industry. Below are recent photos from Margie's personal Instagram.

In 4th Place: Mint Chalida These two have also been in the news for years now.

Recently, they have been posting more photos on their personal Instagram accounts.

Pupaa Taechanarong, Mint's boyfriend, is the younger brother of Aff Taksoarn's husband Songkran. Janie Tienphosuwan and Kueng Chalermchai have been secretly dating for a while, until recently when a couple months ago, Janie's nephew and niece exposed them to the media.

At that time, Janie still deny their romance relationship.

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