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There were a few arrests of Internet dating scammers in Russia that caused a great steer in Russian media -- and new waves of scamming as more criminals learned the scam technique, due to exposure.Some sources consider those arrests as publicity stunts, and criticize Russian authorities for not taking more vigilant approach in regard to computer crimes.The modus operandi of Internet dating scammers is elegantly simple: they post pictures of pretty girls in large Internet personals and then contact thousands male members a day, offering love to the end of eternity.After a short correspondence, the "woman" asks the man for assistance in buying visa and tickets to visit him in his country; the money to be sent via a wire transfer.The scammers use prewritten letters and photos of women that have no idea their photos are used to perpetuate fraud.To collect money transfers, they use low-income females, pensioners and single mothers, paying them a small fee (about ) for each transfer they receive.The same set of prewritten letters may be used with different photos and under different names. It’s a pure fraud scheme with no real things involved: photos are of one woman and name of another; letters are prewritten by men who know what makes other men click, and sent by a computer program.

After a while, a new name and set of photos will be used, and the same men who did not fall for the scam previously, may be contacted again and again.Scammers have become a real problem for Internet personals.Every man who ever placed his personal ad online will confirm receiving dozens unsolicited requests from "Russian women" seeking serious relationships.Elena Petrova from Russian Brides Cyber Guide ( says online dating scams are on the rise.Some scammers’ gangs from Russia managed to extort as much as .5 million from thousands victims, posing as Russian women seeking men for marriage.

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