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The biggest initial infrastructure problems are likely to be encountered at the country’s notoriously officious and unhurried passport control points.

While Ukraine’s airports have recently seen their theoretical capacity vastly increased by Euro 2012-related expansion projects, the new facilities have so far singularly failed to eradicate the disorder and delays which continue to accompany arrival into the country.

There is potential for similar bottlenecks at West Ukraine’s land borders with Poland as hordes of fans make their way into the country via road and rail.

Local hospitality traditions run deep in Ukraine and are rich in Cossack lore – to the extent that visitors can sometimes feel over-obliged to indulge.

Thousands of Ukrainian service sector workers are currently undergoing special training to make sure this reputation as great hosts remains intact.

Judging by the initial results, this training seems to have focused almost exclusively on learning how to smile.

Host Nation Ukraine: what awaits visiting Euro 2012 fans?

Ukrainian officials are expecting to welcome over 800,000 visitors during this summer’s Euro 2012 tournament – a figure which could easily rise if national teams with the largest support bases make it to the latter stages of the competition.

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This unprecedented influx will expose previously obscure Ukraine to international audiences like never before, testing the country’s infrastructure to the limits while showcasing its unique charms.

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