Vw camper vans to rent sussex

This is about the worst environment possible for a computer (hot, sometimes very cold, shaking around, dust etc..), yet manufacturers continue to put them in.

I was driving a Mercedes 190D for 12 years and had very few problems.

And when something did go wrong, it was really cheap to repair! I was driving a 1992 T4 camper with a high roof for 18 months and it was outstanding. Mine has been sold, but you should be able to pick up something like that for around GBP6k - and it will get you started off with camper vans!

 Shame about the reliability of modern vehicles and the massive repair costs when they go wrong.

30 years+ in the automotive industry has shown me that vehicles marketed on a previously earned reputation result in bad feeling.

All the vehicles have had new engines , new brakes, new safety belts.

We have years of experience and our restoration standards are high.

We have our own fully equipped workshop where we restore and convert these vans ,with a team of skilled vw mechanics and vehicle restoration specialists.

They all have fridges that are used whilst driving or at campsites whilst on electric hook up.Each van is fitted with a rock and roll bed which pulls out with ease.Some of the vans sleep 2 and some can sleep 4 using the space in the pop up. Our classic campers are original left hand drive 1970’s air-cooled campers, made in Germany.We lavish thousands on them each year and we DO NOT cut corners when it comes to safety.

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