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With roots dating back to 1701, the Archdiocese of Detroit continues to form Catholic community in southeast Michigan, administering Roman Catholic parishes and schools within the city of Detroit as well as Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, St. In addition, the archdiocese shares the Good News of Jesus Christ to diverse constituencies of the Detroit region through direct ministry. Connect with any of our parishes in the six-county Detroit region.The archdiocese is under the care of the Most Reverend Allen H. Pit latrines are probably the oldest as well as the crudest method of sewage disposal around.Dating back to antediluvian times, the modern pit latrine can be quite a smart structure with ventilation, moulded seat and ablution facilities contained in an air-conditioned man-made capsule.A large percentage of the world’s population rely on these devices for their creature comforts.However, unlike the flushing first world ‘porter loos’, they are mostly makeshift rural affairs erected with scrap materials by the poor people of the district.A typical long drop ‘hole’ is 700mm x 700mm x 1m deep.It should be deeper, but anyone who tries to dig a hole this size will understand why: it’s very cramped, the earth is hard and you battle to swing a pick to loosen the sub-soil.

Many authorities supply subsidized cubicles (typically made of fiberglass) that have seats moulded into them.The first ‘deposits’ are often accompanied by a rotting chicken’s head or similar in the mistaken belief that this will start the sewage break-down process by introducing sewage-devouring maggots.Such a pit will probably last the average five person family for a year, depending on the quantities of household refuse thrown in by others.Urine keeps the dry sludge moist, permitting the motility of latent microorganisms within the faecal mass.Natural bacteria in the urine-pasty fluid slurry of faecal sludge degrade the volume of COD over time into: Microorganisms latent in the surrounding soil will progressively ‘polish’ the seeping fluid even further, returning it ultimately to potable quality before it re-joins the subterranean water table. The fact that social factors obscure the observance of all or some of the above is one of the reasons for poor health in sub-economic rural and ‘over-spill’/squatter areas – usually in peri-urban locations crowded by people lured by the potential availability of employment.

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  2. The project uses survey data from Australian and UK couples to look at the significance and impact of the Internet on intimate relationships, including how people use ICTs to meet each other and maintain relationships, and how ICTs affect their behaviour.