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The goal of our heroes isn't to "go back" and fix things; it's to make things better from here on out.

It's also in a way made the show ratings-proof; it's not going to be canceled if it gets bad ratings and its not going to be extended -- or even emulated -- if it gets good ratings.When "Fringe" premiered four years ago, it made an immediate splash, but settled into a routine of being a sci-if procedural with a connected-but-loosely-addressed backstory.Ever since, the show has made a habit of reinventing itself annually, but never so drastically as it has in Season 5."Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11" is a continuation of Season 4's "Letters of Transit", which jumped ahead to the year 2036 and a world ruled by The Observers.Based on what we saw in this first episode, filling in the gap between the end of Season 4 and the world of 2036 isn't going to be a priority, nor should it be.

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