The sex change experiment camp

It was Mengele who is principally associated with selecting those who were gassed on arrival and those who survived.

Known as the “Angel of Death”, a flick of the wrist immediately condemned some to the gas chambers, while others were deemed able to work for a while before being murdered.

In his 21 months at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Mengele was a regular figure on the platform when the trains came.

Those who survived the camp, remember Mengele as being immaculately dressed as he indicated those who should go to the left (immediately to the gas chambers) of him, and those who should go to the right – to work. On one occasion, it is said that a blockhouse housing 750 women became infested with lice.

Mengele ordered that all of the women in the hut should be gassed and then the blockhouse should be deloused.

Josef Mengele gained infamy for his experiments on twins while at Auschwitz-Birkenau – though he also worked at other camps during World War Two.

In 1937, Mengele joined the Nazi Party and one year later he joined the SS.

Mengele fought in the Russiancampaign but he was so badly wounded that he was considered unfit for frontline military service. His early years seemed normal – he was deemed to be an intelligent and popular person in his home town.

After recovering from his wounded, Mengele volunteered to work in concentration camps. After leaving school, Mengele went to Munich to study philosophy.

After this, he studied medicine at Frankfurt University.

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