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” Again, before you send your query off, you need to ask yourself whether it’s appropriate for the publisher and their audience.Perhaps you’re thinking of sending that query to Gamespot about racing games, but you find yourself thinking more about specific cars.Consider that it might be better to write for an automotive website instead.Also, you need to make sure what you’re writing is neither too specific, nor too general for the publisher and the audience. In short, gauge your target publisher and audience.

Before you fire off a query, however, figure out if they even need it. However, if, say, Gamespot did an article about the current state of racing simulators just last month, maybe hold off on sending your version (that is, unless yours is contradictory or brings new info to light).If the publisher hasn’t ever written on your topic, send a query, but also consider there may be a reason they haven’t given your idea attention.Ask yourself, “will this be interesting to the readers of this publication?Since 1997, Freelance has delivered daily and real-time freelance writing jobs online for freelance beginners and experts. Please read our tips below to help you land work, and use our filters to narrow the results as you please. Use our “Submit a Job” button to submit an ad — we will approve or reject them based on our criteria, daily.If you’re reading this, you want two things – to make money, and to make it with your writing.

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