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Niijima, Tokyo Analog: Channel 56 Mito, Ibaraki Analog: Channel 40 Digital: Channel 15 Utsunomiya, Tochigi Analog: Channel 55 Digital: Channel 15 Maebashi, Gunma Analog: Channel 56 Digital: Channel 43 Kiryū, Gunma Analog: Channel 55 Chichibu, Saitama Analog: Channel 18 Narita, Chiba Analog: Channel 55 Tateyama, Chiba Analog: Channel 56 Yokohama Minato Mirai 21, Kanagawa Analog: Channel 56 Yokosuka-Kurihama, Kanagawa Analog: Channel 39 Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Analog: Channel 37 Digital: Channel 22 Odawara, Kanagawa Analog: Channel 56 is a TV station in Kantō region, wholly owned by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings.

It has a 28-affiliate news network called JNN (Japan News Network).

TBS produced the Takeshi's Castle game show, which is dubbed and rebroadcast internationally.

The channel is also home to the many Ultraman and to the Ultra Series franchise from 1966 - itself a spinoff to Ultra Q co-produced and broadcast on the same year, and its spinoffs, most if not all made by Tsuburaya Productions for the network.

although the first television tests were conducted as early as 1926 using a combined mechanical Nipkow disk and electronic Braun tube system, later switching to an all-electronic system in the 1930s using a domestically developed iconoscope system.

In spite of that, because of the beginning of World War II in the Pacific region, this first full-fledged TV broadcast experimentation lasted only a few months.

Regular television broadcasts only started several years after the war, in 1953, when the public NHK General TV and the commercial Nippon Television were launched in the span of a few months.

Japanese terrestrial broadcasting of HD via ISDB-T started on December 1, 2003 in the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya metropolitan areas.It has been reported that 27 million HD receivers had been sold in Japan as of October 2007.The Japanese government is studying the implementation of some improvements on the standard as suggested by Brazilian researchers (SBTVD).Starting July 24, 2011, the analog broadcast has ceased and only digital broadcast using the ISDB standard is available.All Japanese households having at least one TV set are mandated to pay an annual subscription fee used to fund NHK, the Japanese public service broadcaster.

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The fee varies from ¥14,910 to ¥28,080 depending on the method and timing of payment and on whether one receives only terrestrial television or also satellite broadcasts.

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