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Two and a half hours later, just before 8 pm, in the middle of a blizzard, Major Burnaby is trudging up the path to the front door of Hazelmoor, the house in Exhampton where Captain Trevelyan now lives.When nobody answers the door, he fetches the local police and a doctor.They enter the house through the open study window at the back, and find Captain Trevelyan's dead body on the floor.

While the official investigation is led by Inspector Narracott, James Pearson's friend Emily Trefusis starts sleuthing herself.She's assisted by Charles Enderby, a Daily Wire journalist who, the day after the murder, presented a cheque for £5000 to Major Burnaby for winning the newspaper's football competition.Emily and Charles go to stay with Mr and Mrs Curtis in Sittaford, searching for clues.Sittaford is a tiny village on the fringe of Dartmoor.Mrs Willett and her daughter Violet are the newly installed tenants of Sittaford House, a residence owned by a Trevelyan, a retired Army captain.

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They invite four people to tea on Friday afternoon: Captain Trevelyan's long-standing friend, Major Burnaby, Mr Rycroft, Mr Ronnie Garfield and Mr Duke.

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