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Every detail of this action has been chronicled by the media and it has become one of the most heavily publicized celebrity divorces in recent memory.” Since the domestic abuse allegations against Johnny Depp became public knowledge, some people have claimed that Heard was all in it for the money.Depp, who has an estimated net worth of 0 million, doesn’t have a prenuptial agreement.According to , Heard initially requested spousal support worth ,000 but withdrew the request before long, claiming that she only submitted it because she believed that it was standard practice in divorce proceedings.Amber later said that she might revisit the idea of requesting for spousal support once the restraining order case has been settled.“I endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse from Johnny, which has included angry, hostile, humiliating and threatening assaults to me whenever I questioned his authority or disagreed with him.“He is often paranoid and his temper is exceptionally scary for me as it has proven many times to be physically dangerous and/or life-threatening to me. unannounced to terrorise me, physically and emotionally.” As Johnny denied the domestic abuse allegations hurled against him, Amber was granted a temporary restraining order.

He willing to produce the documents necessary for Amber’s evaluation,” the docs read.

“He has asked, however, that a confidentiality agreement be executed prior to the production of documents in order to protect the parties’ privacy.” “This case has been extraordinarily public since its inception.

There have been daily articles in the domestic and foreign press about this proceeding and the parties’ lives.

Amber Heard is rumored to be dating Elon Musk following reports that the 30-year-old actress has been spotted spending time with the Tesla billionaire at his hotel in Miami last weekend.

As reported by , Heard has been spotted with Elon on numerous occasions, most recently at his bungalow in Delano South Beach in Miami. She had rented a standard suite at the hotel, and he had a bungalow, a poolside duplex room.

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