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It is possible for the Safety Interlock to break apart from the lid.In some instances the broken part can become trapped which means that it bypasses the Safety Interlock Mechanism and allows the food processor to be operated with the lid removed.It is important for customers to stop using the product immediately and return it to their nearest store for a refund.If you still have the box, Argos receipt or ordering details the Catalogue Number (423/5345) will be shown.

Previously branded "Argos Value range" and sold under the same catalogue number.(Notice added 5th July 2016) We have identified a potential safety concern with the Simple Value Food Processor.In some instances it is possible to inadvertently disable the Safety Interlock Mechanism on the lid.Notice added 31st August 2016) We have identified a potential fault with the Coca-Cola Powerbank (2200m Ah), which may cause the product to overheat.If you have purchased one of these powerbanks from Argos please stop using the product immediately and return it to a store for a full refund.

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