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By Tim Shipman Here’s a delicious insight into the madness of coalition policy making.

Nick Clegg has had much fun with David Cameron’s green energy outburst at Prime Minister’s Questions, sending out his aides to rubbish the idea as a ‘panicky u-turn’.

If you thought the Thick of It was a comedy series rather than a documentary, consider Team Clegg’s second effort: Rescue Heads.This wheeze was torpedoed when a Cabinet Office official googled the phrase and pointed out that that ‘Super Duper Rescue Heads’ was a song by the San Francisco-based noise band Deerhoof.A quick visit to the band’s Wikipedia page reveals, ' Deerhoof has maintained that they have never known what kind of music they would create next, nor that they even had any idea what they were doing when they created it.' Not exactly the message the Lib Dems wanted to convey about their method of crafting education policy.So aides reached for the cliché cabinet and dragged out the Champions League.It is not certain when the first townships were created in Franklin county owing to the fact that the records from 1811 to 1814 are missing. is the first time Bath, Brookville and Posey townships are mentioned, and does not imply that they were organized on that date. A fourth town-ship, Somerset, was organized in 1821 and included practically the same limits as the present township of Laurel, but before the year was over the commissioners dissolved it and attached the territory in question again to Posey. Bath town-ship was given its present northern limit and was reduced in width from twelve to three miles. Jr., of the Flint family, and also Benjamin Heargorider were settlers of 1811. and really the first mention made of this subdivision of Franklin county, we find in volume E. And it appearing to the satisfaction of the board that it is expedient and necessary that the division should be had of the township aforesaid, it is therefore ordered that the following shall be the boundaries of the said new township: Beginning on the Brookville township line, at the southeast corner of Posey township, thence with the boundary line between Bath and Posey townships to the center of town-ship 13. range 12; thence south to Brookville township line: thence east to the place of beginning." "Said township to be known and styled Blooming Grove, and that all elections in said township shall he held at the house of Ezra Mc Cabe.

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The first mention of townships is found tinder the date of January 3. at which time the county court appointed overseers of the poor for the townships of Posey. It is probable that these townships were organized previous to this date, hut if such were the case the record has not been found. This leaves thirteen townships in the county, the last two dating from 1849. the commissioners* record described this township as follows: "All that part of Franklin county which lies within the tenth town-ship, in first range, the tenth township in the second range, the eleventh township in the first range and the eleventh township in the second range shall compose a township, which township shall be called and known as Bath township." The next change in boundary-lines was made February 10. although no new townships were created at that time. In 1828, when there were eight townships in the county, the records show that Bath was described as follows: "Beginning at the southeast corner of township 10. In 1812 came Lemuel Lemmon, Abel Dare and Jacob Bell. range 13: thence west with the line dividing Posey and Connersville townships to the line dividing township 13. in the town of Greensboro." Later there were three tiers of sections detached and placed in Fayette county, leaving the present territory of Blooming Grove township, as above stated, consisting of twenty full and four fractional sections.

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