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You read it right – a lot of scams have taken place on online dating websites.

If you want to avoid scams on online dating sites, the first thing that you need to do is know what kinds of things can happen to and with you.

No doubt it is good to meet different people and know more stories from them, but you need to be careful about who you meet and where.

Continue reading People were cautious when first dating websites appeared. The idea of dating and relationship was simple and old, so it was very hard to adapt to new way of communication and dating.

Sometimes our fantasies and dreams interfere with the perception of competent relations.

A woman can imagine that the relationship is stable and reliable, but in reality, all is not so.

A man may feel that he is in love, but really – he was in the bonds of his own passions and temptations.

Men and women tend to want different from the relationship: a woman waits for certainty and commitment, and a man – like the uncertainty, the range and freedom and of course sex.

Continue reading First there were dating chats in fashion, then dating sites, ICQ, and now people are eager to learn about mobile dating.

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