Singapore visa for indians online dating

Application can be done by the organizer / sponsor in Malaysia (before you enter the country).

Other than the category mentioned above, Afghanistan national is required to apply for Visa With Reference (VDR).

The said visa shall only be applied at the Malaysian High Commission in New Delhi with all the following requirements: Only after the approval of the application, the applicant may apply for stamping / endorsement of visa.

For visa stamping / endorsement purpose, application can be submitted through our authorized / registered travel agencies.

The following are the documents required for Malaysian visa application* :(viii) Supporting letter / ‘Third Person Note’ (original preferable) from Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Kuala Lumpur (not applicable for diplomatic and official passport but preferable)Transit pass for 120 hours (without visa) can also be considered to Indian citizen who hold valid permanent residence, expatriate / working pass, student pass, dependent pass any long term visit pass from other countries (please bring along document to proof it).* Please do understand that Malaysian immigration rule differentiate between visa and pass.

Visa is the permission to enter the country and pass is the permission to stay in the country.

Please check whether your visa is the permission to stay for the said period (i.e.

10 years) or it is only Multiple Entry Visa for 10 years (limited stay each entry).

you can not wait for the next flight inside the terminal building). Passenger has to pass through the immigration check and valid Malaysian visa / Transit Pass is absolutely required for that.On the basis of reciprocity, citizens of The Republic of Singapore, The Republic of Maldives and The Republic of Seychelles are exempt from the requirement of obtaining ETA to visit Sri Lanka.(For more info...)Diplomatic and Official passport holders are exempt from ETA processing fee, only when their applications are submitted through the state agencies such as Ministries, Statutory Bodies, Sri Lanka Overseas Missions etc.Malaysian visa is remaining valid if the passport remains valid (according to the passport number).Therefore if your old passport get cancelled and you are issued with new passport, you are required to apply for Malaysian visa.

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Indian passport holder may apply visa from Singapore.

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