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Bickering step-siblings together quietly control much of the social lives of the students in an affluent NY prep school.

Sebastian sees himself as a kind of Don Juan, who always gets his woman, while Katherine would rather enact revenge on ex-flames and corrupt incoming freshmen.

One day, Kathryn and Sebastian, driven by a mutual lust for each other and a love of messing with innocent young people’s lives, hatch a nefarious plan, and place a kind of bet.

Sebastian is to woo and bed the daughter of the new headmaster (a very adamant virgin with plans to only ``wait until marriage``), and if he is able to accomplish this seemingly impossible task, he can have his way with Kathryn - the one woman whom he KNOWS he can not have.

Michael Douglas, Faryn Einhorn, Joseph Attanasio, Michael Chieffo, Joe Urla, Jacqueline Kim, Nicholas Sadler, Suzie Plakson, Dennis Miller, Rosemary Forsyth, Dylan Baker, Roma Maffia, Caroline Goodall, Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore Sexual harassment is the theme, but here it is the man who is harassed by his new female boss.

A high-flying executive, Meredith, is out to ruin her former lover, who she's just beaten to the top job in an electronics company, using every trick in the book.

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However, in my view these add to the film, rather than spoil it.

A thriller is no thriller if you can see exactly where it is going, having questions which you are not sure about adds to the mystery.

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