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The first deaf contestant and winner on America's Next Top Model told People, 'Chippendales is an iconic brand and legendary show – headlining a production like this with such a talented cast of performers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

'The Chippendales began in 1979 and have since erupted into a global enterprise that tours six continents.

I will not lie—there were scenes of Lacey and I together, but we didn’t really bother developing anything because we both wanted to focus on winning. SLIDESHOW | Tate Tullier Photographs Nyle Di Marco in 'Endless Summer' Are there any male models that you aspire to be like? He has worked for Dolce & Gabbana and that is also one of my goals. I feel like boots tell a lot more story and tells more about a person. With that being said, I hope to work for them one day. You need to take advantage of the platform and use it to turn your career into something amazing. I still want to change perspectives on deaf people.

We were really close because she was almost the only person in the house that learned ASL and kept me in the loop with everything. Is there a particular model or designer that made you want to get into fashion? I hope to meet him one day and perhaps work with him! I want to show the world that it is an incredible culture full of amazing people who can do everything.

People think we are disabled and that we need help and need to be fixed. How have your friends and family reacted to you being on the show? I have a group text with eight of my deaf best friends, and we always spam each other every time comes on. What does winning this competition mean for the deaf community?

Di Marco is also the series’ final winner—Banks cancelled the series after cycle 22. I remember when she confessed that she stays at home on a Saturday. I also have several huge projects that I am involved with.

A breakout among the contestants, the 26-year-old model quickly won fans over with a mix of stunning good looks and a charming persona. I used my time on the show as an opportunity to educate the world on deaf culture and what being deaf is truly all about. I texted my friends about it and told them, “I want to take her out!!! The first one is being a spokesperson for LEAD-K (Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids).

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Even before landing on top, Di Marco popped up on, making tongues wag with his Endless Summer and Solo photo series. I feel like I made a huge difference because I can see the world reacting to my presence on the show in such a positive way. The biggest challenge was not being able to use my native language, American Sign Language (ASL). Without being able to engage in a conversation with someone, you go nuts. So, it was tough trying to keep up with what happened within the house and trying to communicate with models through the OPPO phone so I could stay involved.

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