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2) Southerners had conceded defeat and gone home by Wednesday (Whalen, 1985, 110-111); the vote occurred on a Saturday -- which is not Members' favorite day to be in Washington.

Prior to its passage only two states -- Hawaii and Wisconsin -- had laws which prohibited sex discrimination in employment.Within four years fifteen states and the District of Columbia did so and within ten years all but a few states included "sex" among the prohibited discriminations in their fair employment practices laws (Women's Bureau, 1975, 324-5).Although the agency created by the Act to enforce Title VII, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, viewed the sex amendment as a "fluke" that was "conceived out of wedlock", and tried to ignore its existence (Freeman, 1975, 54), fully one-third of the complaints filed in the first year charged discrimination on the basis of sex (EEOC, 1971, 30).The EEOC's apathy stimulated the formation of the National Organization for Women (NOW), whose initial goal was to pressure the agency to enforce the law.It also provided lawyers for women who wanted to take their sex discrimination complaints to court (Rawalt, 1980, 454-9).

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