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Of the 44 Nazis, three female guards in Nazi concentration camps were sentenced to death:– Joanna Bormann All three women had worked together at Auschwitz, Ravensbruck, Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps.21-year-old Irma Grese had been a dairy worker, 26-year-old Volkenrath had been a hairdresser and the chief of SS women, Juana Bormann, 53, had been a “religious fanatic who gave up mission work to join the SS”.

(1)Irma Grese, aka Beast of Belsen, was convicted of crimes she committed while at Auschwitz and Bergen–Belsen.

Irma’s story was typical, she wanted to be a nurse, but was rejected.

Instead, she was trained to be a guard and sent to Auschwitz. A former lover of the sadistic SS doctor Josef Mengele (Angel of Death) who conducted horrible experiments on children, she began an affair with the Bergen–Belsen commandant, Josef Kramer soon after her transfer. She had sex with female prisoners and, when tired of them, sent them to the gas chambers.

Within a year she was the second highest ranking female guard in the Nazi concentration camps and oversaw 30,000 female Jewish prisoners. She also had sexual relations with other SS personnel and male prisoners.

She was convicted of murdering prisoners by shooting them in cold blood, sadistic cruelty in beating prisoners and turning her half-starved dog on prisoners.

She was also responsible for selecting prisoners for the gas chambers.

Ilona Stein testified that in 1944 she witnessed Irma Grese riding a bicycle past one of the prisoners standing at the wire that divided the camp. Upon seeing the woman, Grese jumped off her bike and, “took off her leather belt and beat the woman with it”.

The woman was so severely beaten that she was hospitalized for three weeks.(1)Stein further testified that:“Whilst at Birkenau I have seen Grese making selections with Dr Mengele of people to be sent to the gas chamber.On these parades Grese herself chose the people to be killed in this way.Whenever Nazi concentration camps are mentioned, it’s rare that the women guards are discussed.Yet, they were some of the cruelest Nazi guards in the concentration camps.

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