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Escobar: El Padrón del Mal (International Title: Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord; also known as Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal) is a 2012 Colombian television series produced and broadcast on Caracol TV, about the life of Pablo Escobar. There is a version available with English subtitles.From January 2 until March 7, 2014 Canal 9 airs an hour of Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal in the hours of pm, replacing of Santos y Pecadores.From the March 10, 2014 Canal 9 transmits half hour Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal, with El Señor de los Cielos that replacing the hours of pm.On November 25, 2013 issue confirms Telesudamérica Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal in January, 2014.The December 16, 2013 Telesudamérica confirms a broadcast January 6.from January 6, 2014 Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal Telesudamérica transmitted on the schedule at pm, replacing Violetta.

Thereafter, the series follows Pablo's adventures and misadventures in organized crime and eventually cocaine smuggling, building an empire of wealthy criminals who contest power, often violently, with the Colombian state, eventually leading to murders of prominent politicians, policemen, business associates, friends, lovers, and eventually common citizens.The plot focuses on Escobar's contradictory drives to be a good husband; a decent, upstanding, Colombian citizen; a left-wing politician; a supporter of the poor; and a wealthy, powerful "bandido" (an endearing term for criminal, like "rascal"), all while seeking ever more political power, wealth, and sexual exploits.The series was created by Camilo Cano and Juana Uribe, vice president of Caracol TV and the series' producer.Cano's father, Guillermo Cano, who was publisher of newspaper El Espectador, was murdered by Escobar in December 1986.Uribe's mother, Maruja Pachón, was kidnapped on Escobar's orders, and her uncle, presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán, was killed on Escobar's orders in August 1989.

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A researcher told Medellín newspaper El Colombiano that the series does not add anything to TV "because its treatment is not a documentary" and it does not address "rigorous academic research.

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