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The word khichdi makes me feel sad and reminds me of food with no taste but not for those who are from Haryana.

Khichdi word makes them happy they would love to have khichdi every day for dinner.

I must tell you it is one of the yummiest khichri which I have tasted so far.

If you are planning your vacation during winter then you will definitely face those chilling night in Himachal.

Ask for some Madra (madheera) and enjoy with desi ghee, this food will surely help you to fight the chills.

Here comes heaven with its another food which will definitely make you fall in love with mutton all over again, this spicy recipe will become perfect food to experience heaven on earth. Here comes the Maharashtrian mouth-watering food with fresh sprouted moth beans, prepared with coriander, onions and tomatoes.

You will be served this with pav (bread) toasted with yummy butter, that will definitely make you want some more.

If you are foodie like me then you will fall in love all over again because the variety of foods which this country offers is spectacular, mind blowing.Nothing can beat its spicy dishes, every state has some mouth-watering dishes to offer which will definitely make your day.Here are 29 recipes from 29 states which proves why Indian food is the most diverse in the world: This exactly chills everybody’s nerve single bite will make you want some more, mashed potato with brinjal and tomato along smoked red chilli, all these ingredients make the choka wonderful. We all know this state with high production of rice, and this also known for its best in desserts.This finger licking fried rice recipe dipped in sugar syrup decorated with nuts is all what our taste bud wants.Not only sugar and spice could give perfect combination there are many other combinations too like mild sweet with a bit of spiciness which makes Goan Prawn Curry perfect.

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Try it with some steamed rice and you will have a killer combination.

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