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His farewell, full of heartfelt words, is a tearjerker. Epically odd, hilarious, one of my all time favorites. I can imagine the PDs and writers giggling to themselves as the cast looked eagerly towards the flower framed doorway, certain that an idol would make an appearance.

Loved all of the chairman hair jokes, also loved the same aged friends.

Fans are pretty divided over this episode, some look at this concept as a let down (considering this is the 100th episode) while others love it. KJK as a human facing gods is fitting, and the methods that are available to eliminate the deities are well thought out. The return to the roots of RM is welcome, due to the many format changes these games have not been played for some time.

Running Man / Idol Olympics Guest Starring: Eunhyuk, Ham Eun Jeong, Jung Yong Hwa, Nichkhun, Lee Joon, Si Wan, Yoon Doo Joon Hanseong Bakeje Museum Broadcast Date 7/22/2012 Filming Date 7/9/2012 Rating **** Busan Step Race Guest Starring: Im Ha Ryong, Lee Jong Won, Shin Jung Gun, Son Byung Ho, Taeyeon, Go Chang Suk National Maritime Museum, Busan Broadcast Date 9/16/2012 Filming Date 9/3/2012 Rating *** Busan Village‘s Are Scenic Guest Starring: Im Ha Ryong, Lee Jong Won, Shin Jung Gun, Son Byung Ho, Taeyeon, Go Chang Suk Moorim P&P Paper Mill, Ulsan Broadcast Date 9/23/2012 Filming Date 9/4/2012 Rating *** Kpop Legends / 80s&90s Race Guest Starring: Goo Hara, Kang Susie, Kim Wan Sun, Park Nam Jung, Kim Tae Hyung, Jung Won Gwan, Lee Sang Won Seoul Broadcast Date 12/2/2012 Filming Date 11/19/2012 Rating *** I thoroughly enjoyed the return to the games that made the early episodes of Running Man super addicting. The Running Man cast working together was another highlight of this episode, any time they can combine their deviously trained minds into a team of awesomeness is pure viewing pleasure.

Also the episode where we learn that Gary feels no pain (unless Ji Hyo rejects him that is).

Shin Bong Sun and all of her obsession with KJK steals this episode for me. The roller coaster karaoke game is so funny I watched it twice.

And then I had nightmares it happened to me (shudders). Not because it was terribly clever or different but because it embodies the early days of Running Man perfectly.

The cast was finding their chemistry/characters and episode 14 gets both of these elements righ The episode where Jae Suk honed his water gun mastery skills (and had his pants pulled down in RMs infamous scandal).

This was the only episode where I thought the cast went a little too far…the insults were, I hate to say it, insulting and not always in a funny way.

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