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But for the sake of diligence and completeness, the approximate distances of each from Faslane are: Barrow-in-Furness: 218 miles Milford Haven: 447 miles Devonport: 523 miles Ile Longue: 697 miles King’s Bay: 4,000 miles All of those, incidentally, are far beyond the damage range of any nuclear warhead in use today.

The newest generation of Russian nuclear submarine is designed to carry missiles with warheads of just 150 kilotons.

That’s enough to really spoil your day if you’re right underneath it, but it’ll barely break windows four miles away.

(Modern nukes are designed more for precision than mass slaughter, to pander to the endearing fantasy that they could be used for some military purpose without utterly destroying the entire planet.) Even punting Trident just 100 miles down the road, then – even though that would in fact still leave it in Scotland – would still be a big boon, on top of the big economic benefits.

(There’d be lots of other stuff to worry about, of course, but at least the threat of immediate vaporisation would be off the table.) But more to the point, submarines aren’t a lot of use on land.

Having first denied that she’d ever seen any polls suggesting that the people of Scotland wanted to get rid of the Trident nuclear weapons system, she then fell back on the curious but much-used Labour line that getting rid of it would only move it case that the UK actually has nowhere else it can put Trident, and therefore if Scotland expels it the r UK will become a non-nuclear-weapons state by default.The second is that even if there was somewhere for it to go, Scotland still wouldn’t be for it any more, which would be a huge benefit to the Scottish budget and a pretty good reason entirely aside from the moral and safety issues.And the third is that Gemma Doyle doesn’t appear to know where England is.Above is a map, from this very handy site, of a 100-mile radius from HMNB Clyde.If you click on the image you can zoom in and move around, and what it shows is that 100 miles from Faslane doesn’t even get you out of Scotland (except for one very small corner of a field north-east of Gretna), far less to anywhere that you could station a nuclear submarine.

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