Rip & roll safe-sex advertising campaign online dating is he cheating

"Anyone who suggests that these are explicit I think is not telling the truth.

"They are actually just revealing that what they don't like is the fact that this addresses the nature of a relationship between two people of the same sex." BE MORE ACCEPTING: LNP Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman called on the public to be more accepting.

"I have a very open mind about these things and I urge other people to be tolerant and open minded as well," he said.

In a statement, Adshel said it responded to a series of individual complaints to the Adshel Office, Brisbane City Council and the Advertising Standards Bureau.

In a press release on its website, Adshel said it had not been aware that a series of complaints about the ad were orchestrated by the Australian Christian Lobby.“It has now become clear that Adshel has been the target of a coordinated ACL campaign."This has led us to review our decision to remove the campaign and we will therefore reinstate the campaign with immediate effect,” CEO Steve Mc Carthy said in the statement.HOMOPHOBIA Both sides of Queensland politics condemned the campaign to scrap the advertisement, saying it was motivated by homophobia.The Rip and Roll ads feature a hugging gay couple holding an unopened, unbranded condom and the slogan 'Rip and Roll'.

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Safe sex campaigners Healthy Communities designed the black and white ads to promote condom use, but the ACL argued the men were in an act of "foreplay" inappropriate in public view. 'GET WITH THE TIMES' Treasurer Andrew Fraser said ACL needed to get with the times. "I think we should call it for what it is and this is basic homophobia.

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