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A program in the UK called Landshare and similar schemes in the United States called Yard Share, Shared Earth, and Urban Gardenshare connect gardenless would-be growers with unused spare land, as well as people with extra time or skills who want to help.The land posted varies from spare acreage on farms to unused allotments to urban wasteland to small back gardens.Liz Mc Lellan, founder of Yard Share, explains, “A lot of us would love to grow food, but we lack one of the more important things we need to do that.Some of us lack space, physical strength, time, or tools or even just have a ‘brown thumb,’ so it makes sense for us to group together.” The matches share the fruits and vegetables grown but often the unexpected benefits include friendships and community.Without the social networking capacity of the Internet, such a scheme had little chance of matching “want with need” and reaching scale fast.

He first got the idea through his own experience of finding a gardener online.Dell posted a request on craigslist for gardening help for his land in Austin, Texas.The proposition was simple: “I have spare land and would like to turn it into a vegetable garden.If you will tend to it, we will split the produce fifty-fifty.I’ll pay for the seeds, soil, and equipment, you provide the labor.” Within forty-eight hours he received more than thirty responses.

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