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Also, a horrible feeling that there are some terrifying, awful men out there that will in one breath call you the most beautiful creature in the world, and then—when you fail to meet whatever demand or expectation they’ve laid out for you—will say things to you that you’re pretty sure only get said during prison riots.

I’ve read so many stories about women who get, “hello beautiful.” and when the women say, “not interested” the guys turn into “well I was just messaging you to make you feel good about yourself, you fat bitch.” Aside: Needless to say, I’m unbelievably grateful that I met my husband before online dating took off.

Ross and Chandler both do some questionable things.

Ross is constantly mocked for his love of science, for example.You’d think once he’d like to hang with people who don’t pretend to fall asleep when he says anything about his work.There are glaring inconsistencies: Chandler moving from Knicks fan to a feminine dude who never watches ESPN and knows nothing about sports.Monica and Chandler arguing about buying an arcade game and then Monica freaking with joy when Phoebe buys them a Ms. Monica being hyper competitive until she’s in charge of a kitchen of people who don’t like her, then she is someone who fears conflict. Why doesn’t Ross react to Rachel taking Emma to France with her? I was thinking about Joey the other day, the guy who sleeps with women and never calls them back.Reprehensible behavior and it makes me wonder why the women in the group like him. It happens several times: He may be superficial and only want hot women. But Joey respects “no.” If you don’t understand how revolutionary this is, read some stories about women dealing with men on online dating sites.

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