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The Parry’s Confectionery ltd company was taken over by ‘Lotte ’several years back and this particular product has been discontinued since then, I believe.

As far as I am concerned, this is the ONLY Made in China product that I have ever liked in my whole life and it was my first Chinese experience as well.

Unlike today’s children, we never got to use the ball point pens until the age of 12 (or sixth grade) on account of ‘bad hand writing’ resulting from ball point pens.

Most of us started our writing with cheaper ‘Bismi’ or ‘Jubilee’ fountain pens and then progressed to using the Hero Pens (fondly called ‘Heero pena’ In Malayalam.

Many of us in fact get to use it only for exams – for some not until the SSLC examination – and it was indeed a super smooth experience to use them.

Mostly people used to get these pens as gifts from those who worked in the Gulf countries but later on they were available in shops for Rs.25 or so in stationery shops.

The hero pens were cool due to their smooth quality of writing and the ability to fill ink via a cool press-suction operation.

Old time pens had to be filled via direct pouring of the ink and we used to end up having the ink spilled on the floor as well as on our shirts.

The recent trip to my hometown has already made me even more wistful, in fact.However, ‘change’ is must for the humanity to progress and …sigh… As for my childhood to college life, I have so many things to share some of which was mentioned in a recent post on this blog.Today’s post is about some of those great brands and products that have been part of our lives during the 70s and 80s.Of course, some of them are still being produced and sold but have transformed for good while many of them have been discontinued.Here are the things that I am talking about: Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this but I am sure anybody in their 30s and 40s must have eaten whole lot of them during their childhood.

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