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Radio station with the greatest collection of nostalgic oldies.International goldies to French chansons - tune in to French radio station Nostalgie.Le Monde is a newspaper of reference in France, very serious.It is also the most known and sold outside of France.It is an evening newspaper, meaning that it is published in the afternoon with the date of the next day.Link : Le Monde The second largest paid daily circulation newspaper in France and the most ancient one, it was founded in 1826.It is considered to have a center right political tendency.

Link : Liberation The largest paid daily circulation newspaper in France. Link : Le Parisien This is a free newspaper distributed in France. Listen to basic Words In Spanish , Words in Hebrew If you find incorrect data in this page, like a restaurant has closed or the big river has moved or you want to tell me something, please write me at contact.

The Internet site is good for beginners as it contains short articles and a lot of images. On the website you can see recorded videos and also live. It can be seen around the world with satellite or cable TV.

Link : 20 Minutes A popular Science magazine in France. On the website you can see recorded videos and also live. The programs are from different French speaking countries like France, Belgium, Canada and more. Link : TV5 Monde This is a popular radio station in france, with a lot of old, popular French songs.

Exist since 1913 Link : Science et Vie A popular Science magazine in France Link : Science et Avenir The most popular TV station in France. Link : Radio Nostalgie site and Radio Nostalgie player A radio station with a lot of up to date hits.

Link : Radio NRJ and Radio NRJ player Link : Google Translate Link : Word Reference Special Tour of Bangkok, and especially the Khaosan Survival Guide - the Backpacker's famous street Special Tour of Barcelona with a lot of Info and Maps Special Tour of Tel-Aviv City with a lot of Info and Maps Visit - What to Pack ?

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