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As is obvious from reading & listening to the above interview and the court documents (which can be seen by clicking HERE), it is obvious that this man does not seem to be a “Ger Tzedek” according to Orthodox standards.Regarding a possible Geirus which was done ‘Lichumra’ on Mrs.Floyd in Lakewood in the past few years, YWN has been told by credible sources that the Rov which did the conversion is not sure if it is Kosher – since this evidence is all coming out now.

The conversion was then done “Mikva Al Pi Din, Bais Din” etc.

Shortly after, (in 2002), the Floyd family disappeared, leaving the Rabbi and his congregation to believe that they were in Israel – up until hearing the recent news that Mr. Rabbi Aloof said that what is very confusing is that, if the Floyd’s already had legitimate Geirus performed on them, why didn’t they just show the papers upon their arrival in Lakewood?

When asked what type of congregation it was, Rabbi Aloof says that his congregation is an “Orthodox Shul dating back to 1902, with a Shul, and a Mikva, etc.

The years go by, and the Mechitza is removed, men sit on one side, women sit on the other side, and mixed seating is allowed in the center – as I’ve found in many Orthodox Shuls. This is where we live today”, Rabbi Aloof told Zev Brenner. ” Rabbi Aloof: “I believe he was already circumcised, and all we did was a ‘Hatofas Dam Bris’ on him”.

“What puzzles me, is that if he’s in trouble in his hometown, why wouldn’t he contact the Rabbi”? “Maybe he knows that I retired, although he might be in contact with the Shul – which I’ll inquire about”. Yosef in Brooklyn: “Who were these other Rabbonim involved?

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