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The pro of this approach is that genuineness and the courage to be who you are attractive qualities.

The problem is that most naturals and AFCs have a lot of experience doing direct game.

Also, once opened directly, there is recourse for your intentions in this interaction.

For SHBs and HBs of a higher caliber, as they get approached by a lot of confident men, direct openers may not work as well.

Some examples of good direct openers are: Again, in both theories of game, the opener is not your only success factor.

Congruency, push and pull, and conveying genuine DHVs about who you are ensures that the set goes well and the opener turns into something more.

Once the PUA has their attention, he can then launch into DHV stories and routines while getting to know some of the people within the set.An opener has many components to it, given the propensity of AA and the social pressure of talking to strangers.The most important aspects of indirect openers are as follows: Direct openers have a higher chance of failure, but also higher rewards.Naturals, more good looking PUAs can get away with this, or PUAs who use GM style.Most AFCs use direct game, but at a very low skill level.

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A higher natural/direct game mentality has been developed by the likes of Zan and Juggler in the community.

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