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Yank director Jules Dassin also wrote and plays the feckless American who almost ruins the life of this contented woman, and the simple people around her.

Dassin is better with his behind-the-camera work because he does not quite instill the right note of naivete into his role.

But he is adequate, with the Greek actors all natural and effective in other parts.

The racy, jangling music score, with local instruments, the bouzoukis, is also an asset.

Aleka Katselli Artemis Matsas Despo Diamantidou Dimitris Papamichael Dimos Starenios Faidon Georgitsis Giannis Fermis Giorgos Foras Giorgos Foundas Giorgos Tzortzis Hristoforos Zikas Kostas Doukas Koula Agagiotou Melina Mercouri Mitsos Ligizos Nikos Fermas Nikos Tsachiridis Panos Karavousanos Stefanos Skopelitis Thanasis Vengos Titos Vandis Streaming films is becoming more risky every day.

It has some fine scenery and enough entertainment, plus a colorful offbeat locale.

Pic serves to establish Greek actress Melina Mercouri who has a temperament that comes over well.

It is a brilliant execution of a larger-than-life character which is the anchor and very reason for the pic.

Pote tin Kyriaki: Illia is Piraeus's most popular person: an energetic prostitute, full of life and good humor.

Every day, she swims at the pier, entertaining the dock hands.

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