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Once you’ve found someone whose profile you like and established there’s mutual interest, a great way to move forward is to have a chat one day. Chat rooms are great ice breakers, because there will be no awkward silences.

Once you’ve figured out you have things in common and topics that interest you both, you can call each other and continue the conversation that way.

Of course you will want to meet our gorgeous members in real life as soon as possible too. So whether it was a nurse, psychologist, air hostess or police officer who caught your eye, don’t let them get away - get them on a date instead!

When relationships are about to come to an end, it can be hard for people to face that reality.

Some relationships out there are not meant to last a lifetime, and this is hard for many people to accept.

Today, our professional matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service will teach you how to bring sexy back!

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Portland singles have a lot of choice as far as a first date venue goes.

Coffee shops, wine bars and cocktail bars/lounges can be found all around the city.

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