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Over the coming weeks, people across Japan will be heading out to the country’s parks and gardens to appreciate the cherry blossoms, which in Japanese are called “sakura.” However, the word sakura also has a second meaning in Japanese, one which refers to something not nearly so welcome: a ringer or imposter.

Instead, they say things like “data entry” and “sending company emails.

I saw an ad, sent in an application, and they hired me. Asakura: Surprisingly, they’re just ordinary people. The average age is young, with most in their mid-20s or younger.

When I was working as a sakura, one of my supervisors was actually still in college. Asakura: It’s usually about 1,000 to 1,200 an hour (roughly US-). For example, during training, of course your supervisor checks the emails you’re sending to clients very closely.

The job doesn’t require any physical labor, but I don’t think the pay actually accounts for the psychological strain of having to continuously lie to so many people. I was pretending to be a woman and putting everything I could think of into my emails to try to make guys attracted to me, but the supervisor training me was a young woman, and I didn’t like having her read what I’d written.

You also have a minimum number of emails you have to send each hour, and it’s a tough quota to meet.

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The most effective method of sending emails was to time it so that you’d agree to meet with a client around the time his membership with the site was about to run out, so that’d he’d renew it.

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