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SERBIAN-ENGLISH ENGLISH- SERBIAN POCKET DICTIONARY alifornia 'ional lity LOUIS CAHEN Dzepni Srpsko-Engleski i Englesko-Srpski Recnik Sastavio LU! The Slavonic languages fall into three divisions the eastern, western, and southern.

KAEN U LONDONU IZDANJE KEGANA PAVLA, TRENCA, TRUBNERA I DRUSTVA 1920 Serbian-English and English-Serbian Pocket Dictionary By LOUIS CAHEN LONDON KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER & CO., LTD. To the eastern division belongs Russian (Great Russian and Little Russian or Ruthenian) ; to the western division, Polish, Bohemian, and Lusatian-Wendish (still spoken in parts of Saxony and Prussia); and to the southern division, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian, and Bulgarian. decay : v., truliti Pronounce : dj, dz, as j in James ; 2 as in measure ; j as y in you ; Ij as li in million ; nj as m in opinion ; 6, 6, as ch in church ; u as oo in room ; b as ch in loch ; o as ts in cats ; s as sh in shout.

C 1920 First Edition, June 1916; Second Impression (Revised), October 1916 Third Impression, January 1918 Fourth Impression, October 1919 PREFACE THE Slavonic languages form one of the groups of the great family of Indo-European languages, to which most of the other European languages also belong.

Slovene is spoken by about one and a half million people in the Austrian provinces of Istria, Carniola, and Carinthia ; Serbo-Croatian is spoken throughout the Austrian province of Dalmatia, the Hungarian provinces of Croatia and Slavonia, the joint Austro-Hungarian territories of Bosnia and Hercegovina, in the southern parts of the kingdom of Hungary (known as the Banat and Badka), throughout the kingdoms of Serbia and Montenegro and in parts of Macedonia ; altogether by about nine million people. dec] 145 [dem decayed : adj., truo, trula, trulo deceased : adj., umro, -rla, -rlo, rartav, pokojni deceit : n., lukavost, f. deceitful : adj., lukav, -a, -o, lazan, -zna, -zno deceive : v., varati, obmanuti deceiver : n., varalac, m.

Bulgarian is spoken throughout Bulgaria and in parts of Macedonia by about five millions.

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Of these three languages which form the southern division of the Slavonic languages, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian are very similar both in vocabulary and structure ; on the other hand, Serbo-Croatian and Bul- garian, though they contain a large number of words common to both languages, are very dissimilar in grammar.

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