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Typically, the malware stays inactive till the end-user does something that excites it.Usually Web-surfers wouldn't know that something had occurred.The malware just grabs end-users' usernames and passwords that they enter for accessing their banking site, the researcher states. Malwarebytes has told of the problem to Plenty of Fish.I reported the same account 3 times and they completely ignored my resort.There was a profile with a man with multiple pictures of himself holding a gun aimed at the camera so it appeared to be aimed at you and aimed to the side and like he had just fired it. First of all this site practices age discrimination and see no problem with it at all.As a single girl why would this make you feel safe meeting a stranger? They decide who you can talk to according to their beliefs.

She went on to delete her account and came across my message. I called that ph # for POF she listed here and got someone from India.

We got talking and now I am going to propose to her after being together for 2 years. She said she was from POF and she talked me into letting her take over my pc.

She is perfect in every single way and I would never of met her if it wasn't for Plenty Of Fish, and I just wanted to say thank you so much. Then, days later, I was unable to login to the site. She showed me on my pc where about 15 IP addresses were listed on my pc from overseas.

Web-surfers who lately went to 'Plenty of Fish' dating website possibly have had sinister spyware planted onto their PCs that was programmed with monitoring every keystroke of the surfers, published uk dated August 21, 2015.

The purpose behind the activity was to enable hackers view anything the user typed, including the login credentials he entered for accessing his Internet banking account.

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