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Wrath of the Lich King came out perfectly fine, and Cataclysm, if I remember right, didn’t even have server downtime. Currently, my achievements are not saving whenever I got a little bit of playtime in between games being terminated, error 37 keeping me from logging in, or me being in some kind of ghost party state attached to the wrong quest right before I finish something.

Rubber banding, a popular memory from Wo W’s launch, has returned.

History taught us that Blizzard didn’t have enough servers for the concurrent mass of players who wanted to play Wo W back when it launched.

The problem was resolved as additional servers came along, server hardware (or player capacity) was improved, and eventually everything was resolved to the sweet goodness that is Wo W’s current stability.

, we’re returning to that bygone error of collapsing servers, random error messages, and the super fun emergency maintenance.

Since every Wo W player imaginable is piling into D3 right now, let’s take a moment to remember the fun times we’ve had with the launch of Wo W while error 37, 3006, and my personal favorite “There was an error.” frustrate and infuriate the masses.

Blizzard has had a few rough launches and a few smooth launches.

The Wo W official launch was a circus show and rightfully so.

It had a decent amount of hype leading up to it, the Internet was excited but, to most, it appeared to be just those really into Blizzard games. , or one of the varied eastern free-to-play beta experiences. Blizzard’s forecasts for the game were dead wrong, the swell of players flooding servers was too much for them to handle.

Stores were selling out of the game fast and online vendors were taking orders left and right.

When they flipped the servers on, the little light flicked from “on” to “burning on fire please help” as server queues reached the 1000s.

The servers were crashing harder than burning ship trying to walk into Mordor.

If you got past the queues, you were greeted with latency issues, including the infamous “kneel and loot stuff for half an hour” and the even more infamous “disconnect because Internet was really sketchy back then compared to now” and be greeted by the 1,000 person queue.

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