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The Blue Jays had a huge hit, Lover’s Island, in the early sixties.

KPFK’s Bill Gardner, host of Rhapsody in Black, caught up with the lead singer, Leon Peels, in the late 80s. “The Doo-Wop Society helped revive his career by arranging his appearance at Oldies shows to perform all of his old songs.

Unfortunately, he passed away soon after that,” said Gardner.

I approached him and told him I was interested in becoming a dj.

“There are a bunch of people around the country whining about me not being on television anymore. Two, what we’re doing is a radio program and the Fox Business Network simply televised it.

So that’s all it has ever been.”Imus gave some instructions to viewers.

“If you want to listen go listen to it, go to i Heart radio and get that app and download it and then click on WABC radio and you can hear this program anywhere.”His relationship with Roger Ailes, head of Fox News, apparently is strong, and Imus was very complimentary in reflecting on that relationship.

“I would encourage you to continue to watch the Fox Business Network because keep in mind how loyal Fox has been to me,” said Imus.

It has been so nice it has been ridiculous.”The 47-year radio veteran was dropped by MSNBC, where he began his first simulcast in 1996, because of the Rutgers women's basketball controversy in early 2007.

He was picked up by RFD, a rural tv channel, before leaving 20 months later for Fox Business.

The New York Daily News reported that Imus went to Ailes in January to say he would be spending the summer at his recently purchased ranch in Texas which, unlike his previous ranch in New Mexico, has no remote television studio facilities. After growing tired of splitting his time between his Los Angeles Dallas studios, Harvey left KKBT and launched a new syndicated four-hour morning show based at WBLS/fm in New York.

Imus and his wife Deirdre plan to spend more time in Texas, in part because of Imus’ respiratory problems and in part because their son Wyatt has a growing rodeo career based there.. Born Broderick Steven Harvey in 1957 in West Virginia, Harvey worked as a stand-up comic and starred in a self-titled tv sitcom from 1996 to 2002. KDAY began carrying the program in 2006 but Harvey played r&b which was not compatible with KDAY's hip-hop format, and his ratings remained low.

Saul Levine runs a Classical format called “K-Mozart” on his stations in Monterey, Big Sur and Los Angeles (1260 AM). After KDAY dropped the program, it was picked up by KJLH.

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