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Thanks Jay J and Vaibhav for sharing your feedback. You will need a permit (carry a government issued photo ID with an address) for visiting the White Rann, Dhordo, Khavda, Kalo Dungar and India Bridge. Deepti, you're going to be in Gujarat around the full moon night, so do try to time it so as to be at Dhordo that day, it is supposed to be a fantastic sight (pity I missed it)!

It can be obtained en route at the Police Outpost at Bhirandiyara (Click for the map) and they start issuing permits for the day starting 10 AM.thanks a lot. I think it makes more sense to stay in Bhuj and travel that night to the Rann? If you can get any accommodation in Dhordo (the Rann Utsav tents / Gateway to the Rann resort) or Hodka (Shaam e sarhad), that would be ideal, since you won't have a long drive.

If that is not possible, staying in Bhuj and driving is possible too.

Remember, you have to get a permit at the checkpost in Bhirandiyara, and if I'm right, that closes at 6pm. Takes 45min-1hr to the checkpost and another 30-45 min from there to Dhordo. The last 2-3 km from there to the edge of the white rann was under construction when I went so was dusty, but still safe to drive any car there (I drove a Swift D'zire myself btw).

In Bhujodi you can buy lots of traditional handloom and local stuff day 5 Hodka, Dhordo village & rann of kutch day 6 Kavda, India bridge, kalo dungar day 7 you can opt between 1.) Visit Ashapura Temple Mata na Madh, Lakhpat Fort & Gurudwara Saheb, Koteshwar, Narayan Sarovar or 2.) you can go to 8 Bhuj to Ahmedabad need a day and on the way to can visit little rann of kutch (90 kms before ahmedabad) but it will be quite 9 OR if you want to do Dwarka - gir sector then kutch is not possible.Then you do rajkot, junagarh, dwaraka, somnath, gir, diu.Roads are ok genrally except for some rough patches.

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