Partnership for families children and adults chattanooga

Funding is awarded for salaries and wages to expand the county contact system.

United Way of Metro Nashville, EARS, Nashville, TN, is an initiative to coordinate programming and distribute early warning equipment to hundreds of Middle Tennesseans through it unique partnerships.

Funding is awarded for the strategic planning to create a business structure for the Emergency Awareness and Readiness Services for People who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf/Blind.

Bridges - Nashville, TN, is a comprehensive health and human service agency that has been dedicated to serving Deaf and hard of hearing residents of middle Tennessee since 1927.

Since Fall 2008, the Tennessee Disability Coalition has awarded small grants to applicants in Tennessee.

Contact [email protected] inquiries about recipients prior to 2011.

It will include the development and dissemination of brochures, educational materials and a website.

Pathways in Education - Tennessee, Inc., Memphis, TN will bring additional resources into the school to provide students with transitional services and assistive technology to aid with success and to help students with disabilities overcome challenges.

The project aims to boost students' proficiency in reading and writing, improve note-taking and test-taking skills to promote an increase in scores and rate of completed course work.

A great portion of the funding will go to the purchase of audiobooks which have been proven to help students with reading disabilities.

Sign Club Co., Hendersonville, TN has two missions, to education the hearing world about Deaf culture in order to build communities around Deaf children so they can participate fully without barriers in all aspects of their communities and to serve as advocates for the Deaf, primarily children.

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