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This first appointment is really an assessment to determine what type of help you need.If you have come as a couple, the assessment might discover that your problems are really sexual and you need to see a psychosexual therapist rather than a relationship counsellor.The appointment will also determine what you hope to get out of your counselling sessions so your therapist can be of more benefit for you.If you live in an area which has no Relate centre, you may be offered telephone counselling sessions.These operate like conference calls when three or more people can all talk on the same line at once.This is also useful for couples that no longer live together but are working on their relationship. During your counselling sessions, your therapist will help you understand your partner a little more. They are there to help you communicate better with each other - they may ask questions that help you see each other's point of view from a different perspective from the one you held before.If your partner will not come with you to counselling, you can go on your own.

Follow the fourth part of our guide below to discover the best therapies for your relationship and sexual problems. Relate is the UK's leading provider of 'couple therapy'.

They provide a whole range of services for couples who need relationship support.

It is a misconception that couples should only visit Relate when their relationship is in trouble.

They can help couples who are living together and thinking about getting married, couples moving to a different part of the country and how this might affect their relationship, or how children will alter their lifestyles.

They also provide help for single people who might be trying to work out why their relationships have been unsuccessful in the past. Relate advises people to see them before their relationship hits a crisis.

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