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Such a definition is capable of encompassing a vast range of activities some of which may have only the most tenuous connection with a computer (Chawki, 2005, p. The Council of Europe, in its report on computer-related crime advocates the establishment of an offence consisting of: ‘’ (Chawki, 2005, p. Although there can be little doubt about the criminality of such conduct, the involvement of the computer is purely incidental.

Estimates of the total losses due to this scam vary widely.

In the United Kingdom, a report conducted by a research group concluded that Internet scams in which criminals use information they trick from gullible victims and commonly strip their bank accounts cost the United Kingdom economy £150 million per year, with the average victim losing £31,000.

Thus, there is a need for international cooperation to stamp out such illicit activities and protect Internet users.

Although new techniques are constantly being implemented and regulations being adopted to combat and eradicate diverse forms of advance fee fraud, yet cyberspace is also providing new means and tools that facilitate committing these scams.

Accordingly, this paper seeks to address and analyse some issues related to the use of cyberspace for fraud by cyber scammers especially in Advance Fee Fraud and the techniques used.

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