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So obviously, Chase’s attraction model is similar to that using the three elements of Value, Investment and Attainability as the main concept in his book. Instead of someone becoming larger than life and being the center of attention or the life of the party, his approach to meeting women is more laid back. This will help you get through when it becomes too hard, and believe me, if you’re like most guys, meeting and seducing women can and will become really hard.

Let’s move on to the book itself…I can probably describe this book in three words. Your emotions will be challenged and your comfort zone needs to be pushed.

If you don’t know what you want, you won’t persist.

And if you don’t persist, you’ll find yourself some years later settling down with some woman because you figured she’s the best you could get.

So get your goals in writing as he recommends in the homework section of the first chapter.

Yes, there’s a homework or field work for each chapter, and you should do them as you get along. The first one is about…This is where you get your fundamentals handled which Chase urges you to do throughout the book. That shows you how important getting your fundamentals down is.

Social fundamentals where he talks about using social power to get attention without much effort.This is made clear by a table where the “social strategist” uses less effort than the social beginner who exerts more effort in any given situation.And then there’s the fashion fundamentals to make you look interesting, attractive and put together. Well, the idea is to present enough of your value and make them think they can have you.Then, make them put a lot of effort in the interaction and use techniques like chase frames to get them to chase you. All that and more is presented in microscopic detail in this 400+ page book, “How to Make Girls Chase” by Chase Amante. maybe you’ll get the sense that you can do it — make girls chase.

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