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But governments also troll the Internet trying to alter public opinion. They did drugs, and of course our soldiers were often also high.

This is merely an extension of what governments did before the Internet. Was this just a spontaneous movement, or one guided by our opponents in the world?

Or was it a spontaneous movement that was aided, abetted and guided by outside forces? But it is no big State Secret again, that the North Vietnamese made sure our G. As I noted in my previous postings, we are seeing weird videos and comments and discussions online where people are touting the "superiority" of Russian technology over that of the West. Never mind that their space shuttle flew only once (and was empty of any cosmonauts at the time) while ours flew hundreds of missions. He realizes that at least for a while, if you win the propaganda war, you win the war.

I.'s had ready access to recreational drugs all the time they were in Vietnam. Never mind that their naval fleet consists of one aircraft carrier and a host of unsafe rusty and abandoned submarines. It doesn't matter what reality is, only what people's perceptions of it are.

And for at least a while - often decades - you can skew people's perceptions until reality finally plays its ugly hand.

And that in short is how the Soviet Union stayed afloat as long as it did and why it eventually failed.

And taking a page from the CCCP handbook, Putin (who has been in office, in one form or another, for decades) is trying to "Make Russia Great Again! Already his campaign manager had to quit when it was revealed his previous client was a Putin lackey from the Ukraine.

The Donald makes no secret of his admiration of Putin, who is a brutal dictator who murders his own people. And the latest news from the Census bureau is that median income is rising and the poverty rate is going down.

Through its European distribution capability CITRA Inc.offers prospect companies an opportunity to enter into one of the largest consumer markets in the world. is headquartered in New York with subsidiary offices in the Netherlands. Netherlands Herenweg 103 A-7 2105 ME Heemstede Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)23 5482042 Fax: +31 (0)23 5482041 -------------------------- Citra Inc. Russians, along with everyone else in the world, troll the Internet for fun and profit.You will see videos on You Tube extolling how to cut bottles with string and lighter fluid.A friend of mine tried this and it really doesn't work, and you have to ask yourself why you are cutting bottles in the first place.

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The goal of these "how to" videos is to get clicks and ad revenue and also, as in one video, sell a commercial bottle cutter to the inevitably frustrated viewers.

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  1. PPI integrated a sophisticated targeting plan with creative voter mail that helped my campaign deliver a winning message, and they ultimately helped preserve a Republican majority in the Wisconsin State Senate" "Persuasion Partners, Inc.